Optimizing your Business through sound Risk Management

As recent events have highlighted, there is a need for ever higher levels of scrutiny and corporate governance. In fact, due to financial scandals and the negligence of certain economic actors with regard to risk management, regulators have imposed stricter controls in recent months by requiring professionals to set up adequate internal organisations and by increasing their supervision of these professionals. Also, risk management, which is generally perceived as a constraint, must instead be seen by management as an essential tool for controlling all the risks (operational, financial and reputational) to which companies are exposed.

ANDRisk is your preferred specialized partner in risk management and the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing in Luxembourg. ANDRisk’s unique, by-business-area approach to risk management goes against the generally-accepted theoretical approach in the sector and allows ANDRisk to offer tailor-made solutions.

ANDRisk offers a wide range of risk management services for UCITS funds and alternative investment funds, such as real estate and private equity funds. In this regard, ANDRisk provides resident conducting officers and independent directors with a strong expertise in the field of risk management.

ANDRisk also provides anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing compliance services to financial institutions, FSPs, electronic payment institutions, virtual currency operators, accounting professionals, real estate agents, office centers, Freeport operators and all other economic actors subject to Luxembourg anti-money laundering legislation.

ANDRisk has been selected by the Freeport in Luxembourg to implement and maintain its anti-money laundering framework, based on our strong expertise in the field of risk management. During this mission, the challenge for ANDRisk was to implement an AML/CTF framework which was adapted to the Freeport as well as the Freeport’s operators.

With ANDRisk, you benefit from an entrepreneurial mindset which includes a forward-looking approach of proven methodology, cross-industry best practice and result oriented out-of-the-box thinking.